Researcher Repeatedly Wins Bets Against Climate Change Skeptics

He recently took $10,000 from two solar physicists.

climate change
A climate scientist is winning bets on our warming Earth.
Getty Images

Professionals in a number of academic backgrounds keep betting against — and losing to — climate scientist James Annan.

Many have tried to wager that the Earth will cool slightly or that climate change trends will shift. They haven’t, and Annan kept taking their money to prove his point — until recently.

Some of his bets span a decade; and now that science backs him up (a recent report shows that 2012 to 2017 was warmer than 1998 to 2003), people are sealing their wallets.

“I was pretty confident in winning,” Annan said, according to Mashable. “Now, they’re refusing to reply. I’m a little disappointed. They had 10 years to save up.”

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