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What’s Happening at the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Site, 50 Years Later

A lack of weather means every single dent or imprint will last forever


How to Get the Most Out of an Airline that Bumps You From a Flight

The airline "is responsible for offering compensation" on the very same day

Health & Fitness

Why Mosquitoes Single You Out, And What to Do About It

If you're drinking (or just breathing) outside, chances are you're going to get bit

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City of Berkeley Doing Away With Gender-Specific Words Like “Manholes”

In 2014, the state replaced "husband" and "wife" with the more inclusive "spouse"

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McDonald’s, Burger King Face Petition From Two Little Girls to End Plastic Toy Tradition

A petition is currently just over 100,000 signatures away from its 500,000 goal

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Poll: American Kids Think “YouTuber” Is a Cooler Job Than Astronaut

American kids today want little to nothing to do with space

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Barneys New York Might Declare Bankruptcy — Again

Other retailers are suffering too, as 12,000 storefronts are on pace to close this year

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The Firefighters Who Refused to Let Notre-Dame Collapse

From the south tower of Notre-Dame, firefighters took on the fire in the north