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Ariel is a formr senior editor at InsideHook covering news, health and wellness. She was previously a staff writer at the New York Daily News.

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What’s Happening at the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Site, 50 Years Later

A lack of weather means every single dent or imprint will last forever

How to Get the Most Out of an Airline that Bumps You From a Flight

The airline "is responsible for offering compensation" on the very same day

Why Mosquitoes Single You Out, And What to Do About It

If you're drinking (or just breathing) outside, chances are you're going to get bit

City of Berkeley Doing Away With Gender-Specific Words Like “Manholes”

In 2014, the state replaced "husband" and "wife" with the more inclusive "spouse"

McDonald’s, Burger King Face Petition From Two Little Girls to End Plastic Toy Tradition

A petition is currently just over 100,000 signatures away from its 500,000 goal

Sexual Assault Case Against Kevin Spacey Dropped But Allegations Remain

Prosecutors in Nantucket dropped their case on Wednesday

Poll: American Kids Think “YouTuber” Is a Cooler Job Than Astronaut

American kids today want little to nothing to do with space

Barneys New York Might Declare Bankruptcy — Again

Other retailers are suffering too, as 12,000 storefronts are on pace to close this year

The Firefighters Who Refused to Let Notre-Dame Collapse

From the south tower of Notre-Dame, firefighters took on the fire in the north

Muscle Dysmorphia Is the All-Consuming Mental Health Issue on the Rise Among Men

About 30 percent suffering from this body image issue are also likely dealing with an eating disorder

Why Absurdly Priced Bottled Waters Are Having a Moment

Despite evidence that it's all a big, fat marketing con, the industry is flourishing

Victoria’s Secret Flirts With Irrelevance as the Brand Refuses to Be Inclusive

The company announced in May that its once-beloved fashion show will no longer be televised

France Now Buying More Food From Neighbors Than It Sells

One export that remains steady for France is alcohol