How to Watch NASA InSight Lander Touch Down On Mars

Probe will be used for two years of research on the Red Planet.

After traveling for seven months in space, NASA InSight lander is finally set to arrive on Mars and kick off nearly two years of scientific research.

And in the days leading up to the planned Nov. 26 touchdown, the space agency will be sharing updates in nearly real time.

Watch along on or on NASA’s channels as announcements are made beginning Wednesday, November 21st. The first half of the news conference will focus on the engineering of the InSight lander followed by an overview of the lander’s instruments and scientific goals.

On Sunday, November 25 NASA will be live and answering questions from social media.

Live coverage of the big day (November 26th) begins at 2pm EST running until 3:30pm EST. For those interested in watching with groups, NASA has compiled a list of viewing events taking place across the country.

Due to interplanetary communication challenges, NASA scientist won’t immediately know if the touch down is successful, announcing they will hold a news conference no earlier than 5pm EST after the live coverage ends.

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