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Honoring the Mercury 13: Astronaut Women in the Shadow of NASA’s Men

Astronaut trainee Mary "Wally" Funk opens up to RCL on historic role.

Imagining Your Partner’s Face Could Be The Key To Reducing Stress

Thinking about your significant other could help you reduce stress.

This Is the Benefit Employees Want Most At Work

Workers aren’t looking for extra cupcakes or onsite fitness classes.

Smithsonian and Other Cultural Institutions Under Fire For Taking Tobacco Money

As recently as last year, many renowned museums were still accepting tobacco donations.

NASA Will Pay You $19,000 to Stay In Bed and Be Spun In a Centrifuge

It's all about studying the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

Inside the Hypersecure Room Where Powerball Millionaires Are Made

Millions of dollars are at stake with every drawing.

African Elephants Are Evolving Without Tusks Because Of Poaching

Exotic wildlife parts fetch massive amounts of money on the black market

U.S. Announces Plan to Return Humans to Moon in Five Years

Vice President Mike Pence says country is back in a space race.