This Is the Benefit Employees Want Most At Work

Workers aren’t looking for extra cupcakes or onsite fitness classes.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Employees want more paid time off over any other benefit a company could offer, according to a MetLife Employee Benefits Trends Study out this week.

It found that 72% of the 2,600 full-time US workers surveyed expressed interest in unlimited paid time off, Quartz reports.

The research focused on people over 21 years old who worked in a variety of career fields. MetLife learned that, no matter the generation, workers seemed to come together on what they wanted most from their workplace benefits. The percent of interest by generation ranged from 63% (Boomers) to 80% (millennials).

Other benefits of interest are the ability to work abroad, genetic testing, and on-site medical and mental health care. However, unlimited, paid time off made the top of the list.

Employees and employers need to be careful when implementing and taking advantage of such policies. If there are no clear rules or boundaries established, workers might actually end up taking less time off which could mean even more stress or chance for burnout.

Although one third of the group wanted better benefits, nearly half of those surveyed were happy with getting more money thanks to pay raises.

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