Style | November 1, 2017 9:00 am

Consider This Classic Fishtail Parka Your Winter Jacket of Choice

Wanna see a nifty little insulation trick?

Frank & Oak just released a new collection of no-fluff winter jackets, and they look incredibly warm. How warm, you ask? They’re literally lined with the same stuff I use to insulate my windows.

Well, sort of.

The Montreal-based menswear brand known for their affordable basics is throwing your typical down-and-feather cold-weather outerwear out the window, instead opting for technical lightweight alternatives like primaloft and 3M Thinsulate.

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Which is great, because contemporary wisdom says winter jackets don’t have to be bulky. Better fabrics equal more warmth, less material. And a slimmer, svelter dude underneath them.

Take, for example, Frank & Oak’s Featherless Fishtail Parka (above), a military-inspired number with featherless insulation and an adaptable silhouette that could easily become your go-to this season.

Head on over to Frank & Oak to view the whole collection.