Sports | August 12, 2016 5:00 am

A Cinematographer’s Stunning Ski Film

Aspen-based cinematographer Jesse Hoffman wanted to explore the motivations behind skiing, as well as other mountain sports, when he set out to film skiers including JoAnna Coffey, Chris Davenport, Garrett Greene, Patrick Doyle, and Ryan Koster. In the end, Hoffman was left with a stunning black and white homage to the Elk Mountains in Colorado.

“Black and white has a natural way of showing a subject’s natural beauty and it strips away everything else. And for me, the name of the skier, the face of the skier, and the logo, was unimportant to me. It was more about the contrast and the beauty of being in the mountains,” Hoffman told Powder Magazine in a recent interview.

His short film “The Process” talks about that indescribable feeling one gets from simply looking out from atop something–not bombing down a run or carving up powder, just looking down to where you came from. It features beautifully crafted frames of skiers scaling up tight mountain crevasses and the thrilling journey back down again. The five-minute ski video is available for your enjoyment below.