Politics | July 14, 2017 10:38 am

Russian-Run Media Worried Fidget Spinners Will Undermine the State

The toys are reportedly being eyed as inspiration for acts of opposition against President Vladimir Putin.

Fidget spinners, the palm-sized device mean to ease stress and anxiety in its user, are reportedly stoking fear amongst the Russian state media that they can encourage youth to act in opposition against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The toy “makes a person impressionable for manipulation,” TV host Alexey Kazakov said on state-run TV, according to Newsweek, during a multiple-segment broadcast dedicated to the dangers of fidget spinners.

Kazakov reportedly went on to say that fidget spinners “have frequently been seen in the hands of members of the non-systemic opposition,” and cited experts who say the toy could be used as “an object for zombifying” by dulling critical thinking skills, and experiencing “hypnosis.”

“Probably it is no coincidence that they started selling the spinners at events by the non-systemic opposition,” Kazakov said.

“As you can see here there is only writing in English, on the other side there is not a word in Russian,” Kazakov’s co-anchor Nikolay Sokolov reportedly chimed in. “Why the spinner has become so popular in Russia now is a mystery,” Sokolov said. “Who could be promoting it en masse?”