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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Docks With ISS as New Era of Manned Space Exploration Debuts

American ingenuity just took a giant leap toward making space more accessible—and affordable.

Archaeologists Unearth Oldest Human Burial on Record

The “unusually muscular woman” was found in lower Central America.

The Best is Yet to Come From Penélope Cruz

In a new sit-down with Marie Claire, the Oscar-winning actress gives insight into her past and future.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Help Louvre Smash Visitor Records

The married couple's music video has been viewed more than 146 million times on YouTube.

Movies Still Use Old-School Methods to Make Sound Effects

Foley artists employ the same tricks today as they have for decades.

Inside the Secret Bisexual Sex Party That’s Women-Only

The closest a guy can get to this is hearing about it.

Millions of Men Are Infertile. Now, They’re Starting to Talk About It.

“It doesn’t make you less of a man,” one man tells Time.

The Five Stories You Missed Over the Holidays

Young people are having less sex and there's a new get-rich-quick scam for the age of Amazon.

Catholics Still Waiting On Sex Abuse Solutions From Pope

Followers are going to have to wait a little longer to see if Pope Francis has more to offer than words.

Kevin Hart May Host Oscars After “Raw” Ellen DeGeneres Interview

The comedian says he's "rethinking" the gig after a sit-down with her.

See How The British Army Is Recruiting “Snowflake” Millennials

The military needs help from the phone-obsessed generation.

France’s First Concentration Camp Will Be Site of New Museum

Nazi officials used France’s rail system to transport Jews to their death.

Man Makes History With Unaided Solo Trek Across Antarctica

A 33-year-old American battled life-threatening conditions to do it.

Pop Culture Gargoyles Are Hidden in Plain Sight

Time to invest in a good pair of binoculars, if you don’t have them already.

Five Compelling and Disturbing Stories You Missed This Week

From Kevin Spacey’s botched comeback to digital license plates, a handful of must-reads.

Former President Obama’s Favorite Books, Movies and Songs of 2018

Have any favorite flicks in common with the ex-prez?