| July 14, 2020 7:07 am

Meet the Fabric That Will Keep You Cool, Dry and Looking Good All Summer

lululemon's Ventlight Mesh is the answer to your summer clothing challenges

Meet the Fabric That Will Keep You Cool, Dry and Looking Good All Summer

Dressing for summer is the worst. While, yes, with warm weather comes the allure and promise of easy, uncomplicated clothing and barely-there fabrics, actually managing to put together a look that is simultaneously stylish and conducive to combating the heat is easier said than done. All too often, you wind up choosing clothing that sacrifices style for comfort and performance, or vice versa. And neither is ideal.

Here’s where lululemon’s Ventlight Mesh comes into play. The latest technology from the brand is the answer to your most pressing questions regarding smart summer attire. The fabric bears a resemblance to linen in that it’s exceedingly lightweight, while the mesh construction allows for even greater and flexibility. They’ve managed to take the more technical attributes of their athletic wear and infuse it into a range of casual, everyday styles that will work for every occasion from a walk around town to date night at your favorite restaurant.

Summer is about movement. It’s a time for getting out and exploring, so the last thing you want is clothing that’s going to hinder your range of motion and keep you stationary, unable to take advantage of the unexpected opportunities summer often provides. Ventlight Mesh features four-way stretch that makes you feel like you’re wearing your beloved workout gear, but in the form of chino-inspired shorts, short sleeve button downs and sleek joggers. There’s no telling what a summer day might entail, but Ventlight Mesh will keep you prepared for anything you encounter.

Your wardrobe or manner of dressing shouldn’t be limited come summer, and with Ventlight Mesh, it won’t be.

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