What We’re Shopping From the Lululemon “We Made Too Much” Section

Athleisure rules!

Updated January 29, 2024 9:57 am
A collage of lululemon models wearing lululemon we've made too much sale items on a florescent blue background
Hundreds of stretchy, sweat-wicking items are currently marked down at lululemon's We Made Too Much sale.
lululemon/Getty Images

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The lululemon We Made Too Much section used to be a well-kept secret among men like us, those guys who appreciate quality, functionality and sick deals on fire athleisure. We can gatekeep no longer. That’s right: if you haven’t been scoring up to 70% on everything from gold-standard workout tops — their revered Metal Vent Top is practically a uniform at fine establishments like Barry’s Bootcamp and Equinox — to cozy sweats and patented ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) travel pants, you’ve been missing out.

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Luckily, there are still specials to be had from the We Made Too Much section. Hundreds of stretchy, sweat-wicking items are currently marked down, with more sure to hit the section in the coming weeks. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make up for our past transgressions and keep you in the loop on the hottest, wildest and generally best deals as they pop up; you can find them below. If that isn’t enough to satiate your craving for premium athletic wear, shop the entirety of We Made Too Much here.

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