Jeremy Allen White Just Loves a Farmers Market Flex

Is it really an LA outing without a little Bode?

February 26, 2024 11:07 am
a collage of Jeremy Allen White and items of clothing on a grey background
Jeremy Allen White, farmers' market 'fit god.
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Jeremy Allen White is obsessed with the farmers market. Seriously, the inexplicably jacked actor (even his abs have abs) and general internet heartthrob is constantly trotting around Studio City on a Sunday morning with an Erewhon smoothie and some free-range organic eggs in hand, even the day after cleaning up at the SAG awards, both literally and sartorially.

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Allen White’s fixation with Glendale-adjacent produce is fine by me, given that I, in turn, have become enamored with JAW’s lowkey ‘fits. A hybrid of Silver Lake studio exec-affected normcore and Brooklyn-based streetwear, his personal style is, in a word, dialed, leaning on menswear labels that range from Stüssy to Pasadena-based Ghiaia Cashmere to produce hit after laidback hit, often accompanied by a vintage sweater vest or massive bouquet of flowers…and maybe Rosalía, too.

If you, too, are fascinated by these farmers market ‘fits, you’re in luck — The Bear actor’s latest might just be his best yet. Allen White was snapped out and about Sunday morning, suited up in a pinstriped white button-up and some distressed light wash denim, complete with a beat Yankees new era atop his incredible head of hair. All well and good, but nothing to write home about, right?

Wrong. A pair of rare white-on-white Cortez (JAW has a well-documented history as a total ‘head when it comes to the since discontinued Nike sneakers) and past season Bode tote takes this ‘fit from zero to hero real quick, especially considering the fact that a) the accessories add a pop of color and character to an otherwise neutral get-up and b) Allen White is actually using the bag from Emily Bode’s sought after label as, well… as a bag. Wear your kicks totes, I guess?

While you might not be able to saunter over to Courage Bagels for a quick post-Laurel Canyon hike carb load (or afford a Bode tote bag, for that matter), you can absolutely rip a bit of Jeremy Allen White’s LA-induced swag. And I recommend you do. After all, we’re pretending that it’s spring already. Shop the laidback JAW look below, and remember — guys should buy themselves flowers, too.

The secret to a good tote? A hint of structure and straps long enough to sling. While you might not want to drop a metaphorical bag on the Bode bag — although I certainly encourage you to — there are plenty of other styles that check these boxes without damaging your chances of making rent this month.

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