TetonX Trailers Make a Strong Case for Never Camping in a Ground Tent Again
By Athena Wisotsky / June 21, 2018 9:00 am

TetonX comes from the Teton Mountains in Wyoming, home to some of the most breathtaking wilderness on earth. Issue with wilderness is that it’s wild and not suitable for your everyday tent-and-cooler camping setup. To get to the best, most remote areas, you need fail-proof gear that’s up to the task.

Enter TetonX, an adventure gear and trailer company that started releasing their wares at the end of last year with the Jake, a lightweight rig which came equipped with a compact kitchen, roof rack and trailing arm suspension. New this summer, their latest release, the Hybrid, began making waves at Overland Expo West 2018.

Teton (4 images)

What we love about the Hybrid: the pop-out shower, pull-out barbecue and plethora of gear storage. There are also multiple bed configurations available, including bunks. When the pop-top is deployed, you’ve got over six feet of standing room, so no ducking necessary. You can simply get where you’re going and post up, no time-expensive campsite setup necessary.

While the site’s already stocked with covetable gear like this cooktop/sink combo and these Rhino-Rack weatherproof luggage bags, there are hints on the site that plenty more gear is coming soon, from awnings to adventure tools, appliances and rooftop tents.

So stay tuned for more releases from this outdoor brand to watch.