Gear | November 23, 2019 5:19 am

Products of the Week: Indestructible Puffers, Task Knives and Taylor Swift Merch

The 12 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

Products of the Week: Indestructible Puffers, Task Knives and Taylor Swift Merch

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: a puffer jacket made from the strongest fiber on earth, a good-looking task knife and some new Taylor Swift merch.

Zach Weiss x Alton Lane Capsule Collection

When we profiled “the most interesting guy on Instagram” earlier this year, he told us that he’d eventually like to transition from merely wearing cool clothes to designing them himself. Looks like he’s a man of his word: Weiss just collaborated on a capsule collection with custom clothier Alton Lane. His selects include suits, shirts and dinner jackets in utilitarian fabrics like seersucker and Italian cotton that can stand up to his always-on-the-road lifestyle, along with three shoes that veer left-of-center without overdoing it: a pebbled blue loafer, a suede double-monk and a toe-capped Chelsea boot.

The Grovemade Task Knife

This Grovemade Task Knife is designed specifically for opening boxes and other light-duty uses at your desk. Machined from stainless steel with a raw finish that preserves the machining marks, this knife makes for a unique desk mate and a quality tool.

The Indestructible Puffer

Calling something indestructible is a big claim to make, but this puffer from Vollebak just might live up to its moniker. Made from Dyneema, the strongest fiber to exist, each fiber on the outside of the jacket is 15 times stronger than steel. In fact, it’s ​so​ strong that its original use was for body armor and anti-ballistic vehicle armor. So, yeah, it’s safe to say this jacket is going to last you a while.

Tombolo Company Quilted Jackets

If you’re having a hard time coping with the inevitable winter ahead, and the cold that follows, channel the more temperate months with these quilted jackets from Tombolo. The satin interior lining and and recycled down insulation will keep you cozy and comfy, while the quilted exterior (take your pick from olive, sand, maroon, or powder blue)subtly embroidered with either hunting dogs and ducks or lobsters and scallop shells depending on your colorway,will serve as a reminder of happier, and warmer, seasons.

Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1986

This is the third, and now hotly anticipated, collaboration between Swatch and Hodinkee, all of which have been based on the mechanical Sistem51 movement. (In other words, a throwaway quartz, this ain’t.) They used a 1986 model called the Emerald Diver as a base, reworked the color scheme and added the automatic movement with the new anti-magnetic Nivachron hairspring. If you want to learn what, exactly, that is, and get on the waitlist (as it sold out almost immediately), head over to Hodinkee via the link below.

Air Travel Carrier

Wild One is taking the pet market to the next level, by making essentials that are simple, functional and super stylish for both pets and their humans. Their latest product release, the Air Travel Carrier, checks all these boxes. Designed with the intention of making air travel easier for you and your furry companion, the Air Travel Carrier features breathable mesh walls, a dual-use leash/shoulder strap, and an interior cushion that folds out to become a comfy bed (for your pet). And if they can’t make the trip, you can still use it as a carry-on.

Dr. Martens HAVEN 1460

For the first time ever, Dr. Martens has teamed up with Canadian streetwear tastemakers HAVEN to release a collaboration on their 1460 Jungle Boot. The soft buck leather construction with a Ziggy sole is a nice elevated take on the DM’s iconic 8-hole silhouette, with additional details like side rivets, black/grey heel loop and removable zipper insert further churching up the proceedings. As always, built in England and Goodyear welted with the signature yellow stitch. If you made a venn diagram of tough and classy, these would be right in the middle.

Taylor Swift Holiday Collection

We have no shame in saying we’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s latest album Lover on repeat since it dropped in August. Yes, it’s that good and we didn’t think we could love her any more — until she dropped her holiday line of tees and sweatshirts with all our favorite song lyrics on it.

Sardel 4QT Sauté Pan

“Listen, I know you’re only supposed to cook steak in a cast-iron skillet that you only clean with a heritage wool cloth once a decade while wearing a flannel and knit beanie, but I hooked up a ribeye in this 5-ply stainless steel bad boy last week and achieved the most delectable, restaurant-level-crispy crust I have ever achieved on a piece of meat, full-stop. Rinsed it right out afterwards, no fuss, no muss. Game changer.” — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Timex has restocked their Q Timex Falcon Eye, and like the last time, it’ll definitely go quick. It’s the next in the Q series, but this time they’ve eschewed the diver feel for a dressier but still distinctive electric blue and gold design. They’ve kept the squared case, but by removing the rotating bezel it becomes a much more commanding presence on the wrist, even though it’s still a very respectable 38mm case — no dinner plates here.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack

If 12-packs are a thing of the past, what is it that consumers really want? A 7-foot-long, 99-pack of beer. And not just any beer — 99 cans of that crisp, refreshing taste of Pabst Blue Ribbon. But seriously, PBR is no longer just selling these giant variety packs in Canada, but now in 15 U.S. states including Texas, New York and California. Where would you keep this baby cold? We’re not sure, so you’d better get to chuggin.’

Lovepop Pop-Up Cards

A packet of these 3-D pop-up cards showed up at our office the other day, and dammit if they aren’t a delightfully whimsical upgrade over your typical greeting fodder. Lovepop has missives for any occasion, our current favorite being Christmas elf Yoda.