Gear | December 28, 2016 9:00 am

The Gimmick-Free Levitating Speaker You Actually Want Has Arrived

LG’s take might be plain, but its performance is anything but

Floating speakers are mighty fun to look at. No question there.

But since every one of them is either a cloud, a flying Death Star or something similarly cartoonish, chances of me ever purchasing one are very low.

Does a piece of omnidirectional audio equipment that defies gravity really need more gimmicks? Can’t a floating speaker just … float?

Apparently they can, thanks to LG, who is planning to announce its first foray into the floating speaker market at CES in January. They’re calling it — wait for it — the Levitating Portable Speaker.

Ah, how refreshingly dull.

As with most levitating speakers on the market, LG’s has a base that uses electromagnets that keep the plain white speaker afloat. But as Engadget notes, it’s most impressive feature is its specs, particularly 10 hours of battery life. Another functional feature: the floating speaker automatically descends to the charging base station on low battery.

No word on pricing yet. But I’m sold on looks alone.