A Wood Stove Built for Campers, Boats and All Manner of Tiny Living Quarter

Remember snowboarder Austin Smith’s fire-truck ski lodge?

He and his brother recently took a rotting 1953 GMC fire truck and morphed it into a wooden-floored, solar-paneled adventuremobile they keep in Mount Bachelor, Oregon:

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Mount Bachelor, as one might surmise, gets pretty frosty. What kept the duo warm through the winter? The Cubic Mini Wood Stove.

The Cubic was originally built to rid a sailboat cabin of excessive humidity. Too much moisture can lead to mold or rot, limiting a boat’s life-span. Not to mention that a proper on-board heater can extend boating season by a month or five. The Cubic is exactly that, a laser-cut godsend not just for boats, but for any tight, mobile living quarters.

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Offered in two models, the Cub and the Grizzly (priced at $385 and $500, respectively), these stoves can capably heat areas in the 200-square-foot range. They run on hardwood, produce little smoke thanks to a secondary combustion system (activated by pulling a lever), are built in Canada and can boil water or cook you a stove-top pizza.

And before you ask, yes, they’ve been tested thoroughly for safety, even in a small space like a camper, boat or tiny home.

Find more information and order yours here.