Gear | April 11, 2018 9:00 am

Don’t Forget to Pack One of These 10 Electric Camping Lanterns

Our picks for backpacking, family trips and photo ops

Some camping trips require restraint: pack light to go far.

For others, you’re thinking less about tapping into your inner Alexander Supertramp and more about when it’ll be time to roast some weenies.

In service of making sure you’re putting mustard on that hot dog instead of sunscreen, today we’re talking camp lanterns. As an essential piece of gear for your outdoor excursions, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites.

Some stipulations: Electrics only. While gas lanterns are for the most part brighter, they’re also more dangerous (in-tent use is a no no) and more complicated (in use and in categorization, due to multiple types of fuel). Best give them their own roundup. We’re also only including lights that act as lanterns first and foremost, and excluding flashlights and headlamps that tout a secondary lantern function.

Now let us see the light(s).

Goal Zero Crush Light
For when you need: Packability and solar power
Three ounces of collapsible light with a built-in solar panel and four settings, including candle flicker. BUY NOW

Lander Cairn Lantern and Power Bank
For when you need: The ability to hang anywhere
A multi-axis anchor system lets you secure it any position and the built-in 3300 mAh battery lets you charge other devices. BUY NOW

Barebones Living Forest Lantern
For when you need: An Instagrammable throwback
The quintessential lantern design with warm, ambient LED lighting. Want more? Check out Barebones’ carabiner version. BUY NOW

VSSL Mini Cache
For when you need: Something for your bugout bag
This “nearly indestructible aluminum cache” includes a three-mode LED lantern (with SOS functionality) and room for more supplies. BUY NOW

BioLite BaseLantern XL
For when you need: A customizable smart grid
A whopping 500 lumens, a low-energy app for customization (including color control) and USB outlets for charging or other lights. We suggest pairing with BioLite’s fabric lantern. BUY NOW

Coleman Quad Pro 800L LED Lantern
For when you need: The Transformer of lanterns
Pop off any of the light panels and take it with you — they act as directional and area flashlights, and magnets let you stick ‘em to any metal surface. BUY NOW

Etekcity 2 Pack Camping Lanterns
For when you need: Something under $20
Requires AA batteries, but you can snag two for $14, and they include a nifty feature that allows them to collapse to control brightness, meaning this is a steal. BUY NOW

L.L. Bean 45-Day Camp Lantern
For when you need: Longevity
As the name suggests, on the low setting of 20 lumens this puppy has a run time of 45 days. Can also shine 350 lumens for 19.5 hours. BUY NOW

Thermacell Trailblazer Mosquito Repeller
For when you need: Mosquito reinforcements
Flip the switch and the Trailblazer offers 15 feet of biting-bug protection, a feature that operates independently of the light. BUY NOW

Weatherrite High-Powered 600 Lumen Lantern
For when you need: An economical powerhouse
The belle of the ball, this Weatherrite is not. But at 600 lumens on high, a run time of 100 hours and bulb life of 110,000+ hours, this’ll do right by any camper. BUY NOW

Main photo via Barebones Living
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