Action | November 24, 2016 5:00 am

What Goes Into Free Climbing a Giant Redwood Tree

Chris Sharma is generally considered to be the world’s greatest rock climber. Sometimes, though, a man needs a new challenge—and he discovered the one below simply by returning home.

Sharma is California born and raised, and the Golden State is home to the incredible giant redwood tree, which grows to as high as 370 feet (or higher). And that’s where Sharma found his challenge. Using only a rope for safety and guided by tree biologists to prevent any damage to the vegetation, the climber applied the incredible know-how he gained from scaling sheer rock walls all around the planet to the tallest living objects on Earth. (He and his team also did a little scientific research, examining how treetops have responded during California’s severe drought conditions.)

Discover an incredible forest—and watch Sharma climb it—in the video below.