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Will Northern Ireland’s Hard-Earned Peace Be Shattered by Brexit?

Worries mounting on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Truman to Trump: NATO Turns 70

A look back at and into the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Day the Government “Solved” JFK and MLK’s Assassinations

A House committee issued a report on two of the most controversial murders in history 40 years ago.

Why Our Congress Couldn’t Stop Slavery, But UK’s Parliament Could

The US banned the slave trade first, but the Brits ended slavery decades earlier.

How Houdini’s Brother Kept His Act (and Legacy) Alive

The family business continued even after the legendary escape artist's death.

Could the US Be Barreling Toward Another Oil Crisis?

More than 45 years after the 1973 oil crisis, the U.S. oil supply has—and hasn’t—changed.

How Einstein Found the Formula for Failure

Albert Einstein’s glorious youth led to three decades of frustration.

How Ulysses S. Grant Came to Be Seen as a Failure

Grant won the Civil War and the presidency, but ultimately lost the game of history.

The Explosion That Almost Killed a US President (and Likely Saved His Love Life)

One voyage nearly toppled our government 175 years ago today.

When President Nixon Met Chairman Mao

As tensions grow between the U.S. and China, a look back at the nations' historic breakthrough.

Pancakes vs Patriots: The War Over Remembering the Revolutionary War

Is an IHOP about to open atop the nation’s largest Revolutionary War burial ground?

How Charles Darwin Spawned So Much Pseudo-Scientific Racism

The iconic "On the Origin of Species" has a tragic legacy of being misinterpreted to justify bigotry.