Wolverine’s All-American 1,000 Mile Boot Is Half Off

But still good for the full thousand miles

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Looking for a deal on footwear? Nordstrom Rack continues to behave like a runaway cowboy with a schooner full of stolen boots, and we are not complaining.

The warehouse’s latest deal is on Wolverine boots, they of the iconic, Michigan-made, “1000-mile guarantee” stompers. While they usually hover in the $350-400 range (an investment justified by the shoe’s painstaking leather construction), you can grab a pair right now for under $200. We wouldn’t normally suggest impetuously buying something as permanent as a good pair of boots, but this name rarely comes in at that price.  

Below, three of our favorites from the sale

Original 1000 Lace-Up Boot

BUY HERE: $365 $190

Duvall Boot

BUY HERE: $400 $180

1000 Mile Plain Toe Boot

BUY HERE: $365 $180

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