The Latest Uniqlo U Collection Is Muted Minimalist Menswear Perfected

Want to ride the Lemaire vibe all fall long? Invest in some U.

October 5, 2023 11:28 am
a collage of models in Uniqlo U
Uniqlo U FW2023 might just be the best collection yet.

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Babe, wake up! Uniqlo U just dropped! Whether you’re the fashion freak hyperzooming in on the latest Commission IG post or Mr. Clueless who can’t tell his A.P.C.s from his ABCs, your ears should be perking up at the very mention of the alliterative label name, if only because the U basically runs the whole damn minimalist menswear game.

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The sub-brand of Japanese retail giant Uniqlo has developed a cult-like following thanks to collection after collection of lowkey form-meets-function grails and has officially returned with a FW2023 collection by the austere Parisian GOAT himself, Christophe Lemaire, that’s equal parts utilitarian chic and insanely affordable. (Pricing starts at just $20 and top out at a reasonable $180.)

This latest batch from Uniqlo U includes a functional cohort of lightly insulated jackets, cozy lambswool knits that’d make French sheep farmers green with envy and a collection of pants we can only affectionately refer to as wide-load. Each piece is more boxy and luxe than the last (we’re not going to try and make designercore a thing, but…) all strikingly minimalist and devilishly on-trend and just what we’d expect from the Lemaire & co’s ongoing pet project. The whole shebang reads as a fantasy fall wadrobe for anyone who’s pinned a Rohmer flick or prefers Noah to ALD.

two model shots of the Uniqlo U FW2023 Collection
From beautifully-crafted basics to outerwear extraordinaire, Uniqlo U’s latest FW2023 is a total banger.

Naturally, this is every bit intentional on Lemaire’s end. Speaking from the Uniqlo U R&D labs in Paris, the designer admitted that the goal of the collection was, “to make clothes that are like good friends — nothing that constrains you, nothing that disguises you.”

Painted in a palette of natural, muted hues — we don’t want to toot our own horn here, but we made some trend predictions that may or may not have been spot on — that range from azuki (Lemaire identifies the shade as one of the key colors of the collection) to rich charcoal to burnished rust, the collection spells a rakish, put-together fall wardrobe update that should compliment whatever collection of shackets and corduroy pants currently collecting dust in your closet.

The Uniqlo U collection launches today, October 5. We’ve dropped some of our favorite pieces throughout this page, but pretty much every one of the 26 items in the capsule falls squarely into the heater category, in rather intentional outfits. Feel free to cop up on individual apparel you need, or try snagging a whole ‘fit for U-tastic results. Either way, you’re sure to level up, no matter what you cop…just don’t let it sell out on you. Shop the latest Uniqlo U collection throughout, or at Uniqlo’s webstore here.

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