If You Buy One Pair of Leather Gloves, Make Damn Sure They’re Hestra

These Nordic glove cutters do it best

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So you need a new pair of gloves. Chances are, you’re considering a pair with “iPhone compatible fingertips.”  

Our verdict — hard pass. We all could use a screen detox. And what’s the point of a pair of gloves that minimizes the material between your digits and the cold? 

The right pair of gloves for you looks mighty like the gloves your dad and grandpa wore. Hard-crafted leather that’ll handle chilly commutes and heavy firewood with equal aplomb. The answer — Hestra

Glove cutters are an endangered species. There are fewer than a hundred left in the world, and Hestra’s Anton and Niklas Magnusson — fourth-generation members of a Swedish family business that started way back in 1936 — are two of the best. 

From the tannery to the hand-sewing, Hestra sources and operates every facet of its production. We’re talking elk leather cuts lined with fleece, deerskin cuts with water-resistant inners, Primaloft polyester mixed with … you get the picture. Grab a pair for you or the old man and get outside. 


Images via Huckberry, Hestra

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