Spend Less On Select J. Crew Pieces at East Dane

You'll feel good about it

Spend Less On Select J. Crew Pieces at East Dane

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We’ve already explained why J. Crew still matters; the brand taught a whole bunch of American men how to dress better and choose clothes that make them feel good. Feeling good in whatever you wear is obviously an important message we strive to get across here, but what’s even better than feeling good in your clothes is knowing that you paid less than the original price for them.

So you’ll feel really great about this sale on select J.Crew pieces at East Dane going on right now. Included in the sale are tees, sweaters, chinos (long and short), printed collared shirts, jackets, topcoats, etc. I’ve taken the liberty of selecting some pieces, but by all means if you feel good about it, shop the rest of the sale yourself.

Jersey Stripe Pocket Tee

Short Sleeve Printed Camp Collar Shirt

Lightweight Stretch Chino Dock Shorts

Slim Rugged Cotton Sweater

484 Stretch Chinos

Wallace & Barnes Camo N-3 Utility Shirt

Shop the rest of the sale here.

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