The End of Ill-Fitting Running Shoes Is Nigh

Salomon's custom trail runners are just the beginning

September 18, 2017 9:00 am

Having something fit correctly is a matter of vast importance. This is especially true in the world of running.

Salamon knows this. The France-based running shoe company just launched a new line of made-to-order footwear. Available following a decade of research and testing, the S/LAB ME:sh range of trail running shoes are tailor-made around four keys areas: anatomical fit (foot shape), biomechanical fit (during movement), usage (where the shoes will be used) and preference (feel and cosmetics).

Following a 3D scan of a customer’s foot, the upper of each ME:sh shoe is knitted together from a sock-like material called Twinskin. After, the shoe — which is made from 12 components versus the usual 50 —  receives one of two foamy midsoles and one of three outsoles.

“The goal was to create footwear that is an extension of the body,” said Salomon president Jean–Marc Pambet. “What is unique about ME:sh is that it is a combination of every piece of know-how we have in our footwear organization — from what we have inside our own walls to external know-how from our factory. You are never alone in creating something like this.”

Currently available in France and Belgium, the made-to-order Salomons are slated to launch in the U.S. this fall with a price point of $300 per pair, according to Outside Magazine.

Salomon isn’t the first footwear company using 3D printing to make custom kicks. Adidas has been experimenting with the technology, and Nike just recently rolled out a new platform called the Nike Maker’s Experience that’s churning out custom sneakers in 90 minutes flat. 

As for custom shoes for the running world, however, Salomon may be your best bet. To stay in the loop about the upcoming drop, sign up for their newsletter here.

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