Four A-List Outfits (And How to Recreate Them) to Turbocharge Your Spring Style

Good artists borrow, great artists steal...from Ryan Gosling

May 5, 2023 11:00 am
Ryan Gosling and Bad Bunny on a pink swirly background
Ryan Gosling and Bad Bunny are just some of the superstars you should copy this spring.
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Spring is ostensibly a pretty great time for, as the kids say, getting a ‘fit off. Winter layers fade to the back of the closet, and in their place comes a bumper crop of lightweight jackets, Baggies-esque shorts and killer footwear. It should be a season for drowning in complements at the post-office bar hang, or, if you are so inclined, shamelessly shilling your meticulously planned outfits on Instagram for a couple hundred likes.

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But spring style inspiration rarely strikes twice, and without some Pinterest-level ‘fitspo to help guide your warm-weather wardrobe, chances are you’ll strike out sooner rather than later. We don’t want to see that happen to you: we care deeply about your well-being, and much moreso, your flaming grid pics.

To keep suited and booted this spring, we’ve rounded up four celebs killing the red carpet game — who better to steal from, after all, than hotties with disposable income and the professionals telling them how to dress — that provide a way forward in these trying times. From Bad Bunny’s urbana cowboy to little Timmy C’s boy-next-door wave, here are four celebrity looks to inspire your spring style.

a photo of Ryan Goosling with a greyed-out background
Beachy locks and an undisputable Ken-ergy? Bushwick bros could never.
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The Sensitive Workwear Warrior

Who and where: A Ken-ergetic Ryan Gosling at the Cinemacon press junket for the upcoming Barbie.
Articles of interest: Dip-dyed workwear jacket, Red Wing Moc Toe boots.
How to steal the look (HTSTL): Ryan Gosling’s sartorial evolution from zero to hero is all but complete, and his latest act of style greatness provides a pathway forward for the rough-and-tumble guy looking to expand outside of his classic waxed trucker jacket ensemble this spring. Embracing classic workwear cuts in non-traditional colors and textures — the dip-dyed, Barbie Pink Acne Studios Bomber Jacket that Gosling is wearing above, for instance, or a more palatable chore coat from La Paz — should offer a bit more stylistic nuance than “works with his hands”; more like “into pottery” or “rock climbs on the weekend”. Pair your hand-me-down staples (a workboot here, a big buckle belter there) with cult gems to maximize the 2023-ness of it all — you won’t regret it.

a photo of Bad Bunny with a greyed-out background
Bad Bunny: chart-topping pop star, modern-day cowboy.
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The Urban Cowboy

Who and where: Bad Bunny headed to the Met Gala afterparty.
Articles of interest: Zip-front suede jacket, western belt, cowboy boots.
HTSTL: Western-inspired looks show no sign of slowing down, so if you haven’t yet embraced your inner buckaroo, this spring is the time to pony up. Start with Americana staples — cowboy boots and bootcut denim — and built out from there. Don’t be afraid to get freaky with it, either. Ranch hands might not wear half-a-dozen chains and vibey sunglasses, but they don’t have billions of streams, now do they?

a photo of James Marsden with a greyed-out background
We’re pretty sure this TED Talk is called How to spring suit: a lesson from James Marsden.
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The No-Fuss Spring Suit

Who and where: Jury Duty actor James Marsden presenting at the Amazon NewFronts 2023.
Articles of interest: Prada suit, Scarosso loafers, IWC watch.
HTSTL: Spring is a crucial time for some no-fuss suiting, and luckily for you, James Marsden’s Jury Duty press tour can offer a blueprint of what you should be shooting for. We assume you can’t afford Prada (who can, really), but the principles of Marsden’s ‘fit are relatively simple — an easy, not-too-tailored suit in something light (linen or cotton are your friends here), a dressed-down tee, and some funky loafers is as close to a perfect spring ‘fit as we’ve found. Lean into the casual nature of all: considering the decidedly lax nature of the ensemble, we want you on the Noah lookbook side of the suiting scale.

a photo of Timothee Chalamet with a greyed-out background
Airpods maybe included, acting credentials almost certainly not.
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The Hometown Hero

Who and where: NYC-native Timothee Chalamet filming a secret, Scorsese-directed commercial downtown.
Articles of interest: Apple AirPods Max, zip hoodie, retro Knicks hat.
HTSTL: Timmy’s certainly proven that he can get wild, but as far as spring style inspiration goes, this pre-catastrophe ‘fit is both adequately tame and an exemplar for an easy look any guy can pull off, regardless of your comfort level with oversized rugbys, spring suiting or hot girl hats. It may seem easy to recreate, but some deceptively tricky details can make or break your trip to the bodega/grocery store/local pub. Opt on the side of crop when it comes to layers (no butt-wipe hoodies, please) and don’t be afraid to incorporate bags, jewelry and indeed, Kendallcore headphones to spice up an otherwise plain getup. We’ve gone with an agnostic headwear choice, but if you’re an NYC native or have seen multiple seasons of Sex and the City, we’ve backchanneled some irreverent hometown merch for you as well.

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