Curious About J.Crew’s Viral Giant-Fit Chinos? Now You Can Nab Them on Sale.

Big pants, bigger discount

February 28, 2023 11:34 am
a collage of J.Crew Giant Fit Chinos on a red background
Don't look now: there's a massive sale on J.Crew's Giant-Fit Chinos.
J.Crew/Getty Images

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About once a season there comes an article of clothing so monumental that it rocks style-intrigued newbies and seasoned veterans alike to their core. Often, it comes directly from the runways of Milan, New York or London, produced by the best and brightest the industry has to offer. But sometimes, it comes from an unexpected source. and once in a blue moon, it ends up in an innocuous J.Crew sale section.

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In case you haven’t put two and two together (those synapses are firing slowly today, huh?) the grail we’re referring to is none other than J.Crew’s massive innovation, a monstrous, behemoth pair o’ pants dubbed the Giant-Fit Chino. And indeed, the J.Crew Giant-Fit Chino is on sale, despite their notorious reputation of selling out immediately.

What Are J.Crew’s Giant Fit Chinos?

As the name implies, J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos are a big deal. Originally a ’90s style, the chinos have made a triumphant return under the creative direction of Noah founder Brendon Babenzian, and, while initially rocked by controversy (see: menswear Twitter argued about whether or not they were cool), the larger-than-life pants have emerged with a sartorial stamp of approval not only from the internet but from our own IH editors.

a model in a pair of J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos on a grey background
The J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos are, in a word, humongous.

Sporting an extra-long rise and acres of space through the hip and thigh (the sewn cuff leg opening clocks in at a hulking 20 1/2″), these updated slacks are an experience unlike any you’ve previously had — unless of course, you’ve already picked up a pair. They’re mildly heavy — J.Crew utilizes a midweight 8.5-ounce 100% cotton pre-washed twill — finished with a nautically-inspired embroidered pattern and designed drape perfectly, breaking in traditional ivy style over a solid pair of loafers.

Where to Buy The J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos on Sale:

J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos are currently available for 20% off at J.Crew’s webstore in the Dusty Khaki/Embroidered Canoe colorway, and in typical J.Crew fashion, you can score and extra 25% off with code GOSHOP. If you’re interested in the solid colorways, you can find those below, too — just don’t miss out on a pair of larger-than-life chinos.

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