Luxury Goods Sold at 90% Off? No, We’re Not Messing With You.

Introducing Italic. Remember the name.

November 26, 2018 9:00 am

“Disrupting” the industry you say, Casper, Warby Parker and all you other DTC brands out there? Well, a new startup by the name of Italic might be poised to completely dismantle it. 

For all those who favors craftsmanship over logos, and saving money over tossing their wallets into a proverbial ravine, Italic’s new subscription model will be mighty enticing. The short of it — luxury goods straight from the same factories that make the heavy-hitters’ wares … for significantly less. 

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How does it work?

Founder Jeremy Cai wanted to offer consumers a “factory price.” He met with factories throughout Italy and China, finding the plants that produce goods for Philips, Four Seasons, Prada, Burberry, RayBan … name a luxury brand, good shot he talked to them. His pitch — be your own (brandless) brand. Make what you want, use your usual materials and we’ll sell the stuff in turn to brand-apathetic consumers. The only restriction? The designs have to be originals. Wade into knock-off territory, and the legality gets real murky. 

The factories were into it. Cai allows each factory to set their own prices and focus on what they do best, and his repository is only growing. Meanwhile, Italic officially launched for early signups this month. For $10, you can buy two items from the marketplace each month. Some of the “discounts” are preposterous — you can snag a Celine tote for your lady friend for $145 (usually $3,300). Others are a bit more modest, though still useful. A toothbrush in the likeness of Philips Sonicare (usually $99) sells for $45. 

Of course, for many a brand’s logo and adjacent prestige is the point of a hefty purchase. For travel-happy, Trader Joes-shopping young folks though, Italic is a natural sell. 

If interested in signing up for the service, head here

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