This Unbeatable Waxed Trucker Jacket Now Comes With a Sherpa Lining

Just take our money. Take all of it.

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I bought Huckberry’s Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket back in October, and proceeded to wear it everyday for a good 12 weeks. It was the perfect fall coat (rugged and water-repellent on the outside, easygoing blanket lining on the inside), and I struggled to retire it once the weather turned, even packing it for a NYE trip to Montreal, where the wind chill dropped evening temps down to 1º. One lousy degree. 

I could continue to load up underneath my beloved jacket with sweaters and flannels … orrr I could double down and cash in for its newly-released snow miser cousin: the Sherpa-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. 

Yes, folks, it exists. And it is bliss. The Sherpa-Lined trucker picks up where the Flannel-Lined left off, wrapped in a waxed Martexin sailcloth (a material that could teach George Clooney a thing or two about ageing). The interior, though, takes it up a notch on cold-weather comfort, providing a 100% polyester high-pile fleece sherpa that could handle NYE wind chills as far up as Nome. 

BUY HERE: $248 (In field tan)           BUY HERE: $248 (In Chocolate)

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