Has Patagonia Officially Been Supplanted as the Go-To Outdoor Brand for Hypebeasts?

According to one London rapper, the answer is yes.

London-based rapper YT in the music video for his song "Arc'teryx"
Patagonia? Out. Arc'teryx? In.

Thanks to trends like gorpcore, Patagonia has evolved far beyond the outdoor world to find favor among the fashion elite, the brand’s retro fleeces and Baggies having been embraced by the granola and non-granola types alike — not to mention finance bros and suburban dads. It is all things to all people, basically.

And so it stands to reason that, eventually, there would be some backlash. EnterLondon-based rapper YT. Yesterday Pitchfork featured the song “Arc’teryx” by the rapper, in which the first line dropped is “Arc’teryx on me/No we don’t run no Patagonia.” YT delivers the line (which is repeated several more times throughout the song) with a tone that suggests Patagonia has become passé. He wears a selection of Arc’teryx jackets throughout the video, as well as a beanie from the brand.

For those unfamiliar with Arc’teryx, the brand, like Patagonia, specializes in outdoor clothing as well as climbing gear, and is best known for its hard shell jackets. Another thing the brand is known for? Their fairly steep prices. A jacket from Arc’teryx will range anywhere from a $250 all the way up to $800. Some people say the high prices are justified by the brand’s high-tech fabrics and construction, while others attribute it purely to status.

As the song progresses, YT proceeds to drop several other hypebeast-related references, from Stone Island to Kim Jones (the Artistic Director for Dior menswear) and even mentions Grailed, the online marketplace for highly sought-after streetwear and designer pieces, which currently has a wealth of Arc’teryx up for grabs. It’s safe to assume that YT’s dig at Patagonia was made purely for the sake of flexing (after all, it is the less expensive of the two), so you can rest assured that you’re still on trend. But next time you wanna show someone up, maybe opt for the Arc’teryx instead.

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