Adidas’ New Dressed-Up Stan Smith Looks Primed for a Fancy Dinner

Mind the steak sauce, though

August 15, 2018 9:00 am

The life cycle of a sneaker tends to follow one of two narrative arcs: it either doesn’t sell, or it leaves an indelible mark on the fashion world and gets endlessly reiterated and reissued, milking every possible dollar out of its considerable cultural cachet.

The Adidas Stan Smith, est. 1963, is firmly in the latter camp. From sock variations to winterized low-tops, the legacy shoe has run the bizarro kicks gamut to great effect.

But there’s something to be said for the shoe’s original look: green heel, white everything else, perforations in place of Adidas’ iconic three stripes, and a tongue embossed with the mustachioed visage of its tennis-playing namesake. That is an iconic design. And it’s also why the latest Stan Smith drop is the equivalent of Adidas taking the shoe out for a well-earned surf-and-turf dinner.  

The Stan Smith Recon features premium leather: a whole a shoe of it, from the all-leather upper to the tongue to the soft leather lining. It gives an elevated look to those trusty signatures — the Adidas trefoil on the heel, the gold Stan Smith likeness on the tongue flap — and a dressed-up feel to the low-top, making it as great an option as ever for that first date. Pair them with cuffed dark jeans and a floral shirt from this list while the weather’s still warm.  

Find more information on the drop here. They officially launched yesterday, so online retail might come with shipping delays.

All images from Adidas

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