The Best Sandals for Men Are a One-Way Ticket to Open-Toed Enlightenment

Who let the dogs out?

May 24, 2023 12:19 pm
a collage of the best sandals for men on a sandy backgroud
Who let the dogs out? That would be the best sandals for men.
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We at InsideHook have something we’d like to admit: for a long time, we’ve been somewhat of an anti-sandals publication. The err-factor just felt too large to justify slipping on the slides (outside the comfort of your own patio or the trail, of course). Too many crappy, annoyingly slippy styles, too much room to screw up an otherwise tasteful ‘fit with a pair of toss-on sandals, too much opportunity for foot fungus.

But in 2023, we’ve finally made a breakthrough — we’re willing to reconsider our staunch anti-sandals stance. After all, getting dressed has never been a more casual (or freaky) affair, and, after observing and testing what the market has to offer, why deprive yourself of the al fres-toe experience included in any number of the best sandals for men?

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There are still some rules you should follow when donning fashion’s most casual footwear, of course. With slim exceptions, sandals should remain beachside, pool-approximate or tucked in the vacation bag until ready to be called upon. Likewise, we encourage — nay, we demand — that you do some pruning pre-sandals. We’re not saying you need a full-blown pedicure (although they’re lovely), but no one wants to catch nasty feet at brunch.

Below, we’ve rounded up a cohort of our favorite men’s slides and sandals, each one more beachy than the last. From sandal stalwarts like Birkenstock to just-released hiking sandals from Chaco, here are the best sandals for men to sweat out the summer.

The Best Sandals for Men in 2023:

Perhaps the most trusted name in sandals, Birkenstock’s decades at the top are a testament to the German brand’s constant quality and timeless designs. That’s not to say that they won’t occasionally innovate — as seen above, Birky isn’t afraid to mold their double-strapped Arizona out of a cushy EVA for a water-resistant, anti-slip slide that looks good with anything and costs just $50. If you don’t already have a pair of these in your closet, we have just one question: What the hell are you doing?

Chaco’s trail-ready Z1 slides are one of the top contenders in the hiking-sandal space, but they make for a damn fine everyday option, too. With just enough flex through the rugged base to keep things moving, they’re a top option for any dude looking to really get out there this summer. Don’t sleep on their collabs either – recent partnerships with Taylor Stitch and Outdoor Voices (seen above) will make you the best-dressed guy to still have his toes exposed.

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We can’t recall seeing any of the Roys in opened-toed footwear, but if Kenny were to rock some slides, we’d imagine they’d have to be Todd Snyder’s Nomad Crossover Sandals. Draped in a luxe, regal suede, Mr. Americana’s Italian footwear dream is handcrafted by artisans in Tuscany using traditional techniques and looks right at home on both the yacht and ancient Roman streets, sprezzatura-style.

Adidas’s Adilette Slides are not your average dorm slides. Contoured to imitate the 3D topography of Mars, these three-striped sandals are literally out of this world, and unmatched when it comes to squishy slide comfort. Enjoy plush relief with every step…just don’t wear them into the pool, okay?

Teva’s recognizable slide might not be the most…elevated, but the sandals are a joy in their own right, and the ankle strap provides more security than your average design. At just $55 (or less, if you snag them on sale), they’re a style you can afford to play around with. ‘Stocks and socks, anyone?

Hear us now: Along with huaraches, fisherman sandals are going to be the summer footwear that you wish you had copped. Grenson’s primo leather option enjoys all the hallmarks of trend-proof pair — burnished calf leather, ribbed sole and a look straight off of a dinky boat on the Amalfi Coast.

Of all the sandal styles, the classic thonged sandal is our least favorite, given its exaggerated room for general error. They’re often constructed from cheap, breakable materials, rarely comfortable and generally make an unpleasant slapping sound that’s earned them their flip-flop nickname. However, there are a few notable exceptions: Rainbow’s leather version is top of mind, as it appropriately addresses all three issues with a quality leather footbed and ’70s surfer charm.

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