Is Anyone Really Surprised Aaron Rodgers Has a UFO Story?

The 39-year-old claims he experienced a visit in New Jersey in 2005

Aaron Rodgers backstage at the musical "MJ" on Broadway.
Can Aaron Rodgers shred on guitar the way he does NFL defenses?
Bruce Glikas/WireImage

As he has made abundantly clear with descents into darkness, disturbing diets and his advocation for ayahuasca, Aaron Rodgers, like the truth, is out there. So, when he told a story about witnessing a UFO on the latest and final episode of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks it really should not have been too much of a surprise.

On the show, a visit to Jets training camp from the star quarterback’s former college teammate Steve Levy prompted Rodgers to do a sitdown interview with the Hard Knocks crew about the time the Cal buddies allegedly saw a UFO in New Jersey in 2005.

According to Rodgers, he was staying overnight at Levy’s house while preparing to attend the NFL Draft in New York City when he heard a noise outside. Alarmed, Rodgers, Levy and Levy’s brother went to check it out.

“Up in the clouds we heard this sound and we saw this tremendously large object moving through the sky,” Rodgers said. “It was like a scene out of Independence Day, when the ships are coming into the atmosphere, creating this kind of like explosion-type fire in the sky.”

Rodgers continued: “About 30 seconds later, we heard the real recognizable sound of fighter jets going zoom, zoom, zoom. They seemed to be chasing this object…We just stood there in disbelief for another few minutes. Nobody said a word. Then we all looked at each other like, ‘Did we just see what we thought we just saw?’”

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An expert on picking apart NFL defenses, Rodgers is also apparently well-versed in nuclear power plants and the curious objects that frequent their surroundings. “If you know anything about UFOs, there are a lot of sightings around nuclear energy, around volcanoes, around power plants,” he said.

To sum it all up, “It was definitely unidentified, it was definitely flying and it was definitely a large object,” Rodgers said.

The Jets are flying high heading into their season opener on Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills and many are expecting Rodgers to have an out-of-this-world season in his first campaign for Gang Green. The Jets are tied with the Ravens with the seventh-best odds to win the Super Bowl behind only the Cowboys, Bengals, 49ers, Bills, Eagles and Chiefs. That would be quite an accomplishment as the Lombardi Trophy has been an unidentified object in New Jersey since Joe Namath led the Jets to a win in Super Bowl III in 1969.

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