How to Sit Next to a Naked Girl

A beginner's guide to banya

By The Editors

How to Sit Next to a Naked Girl
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22 January 2016

We live in a stressful place.

It can be hard to relax ... at least without, you know, a doctor's note.

Our solution? Archimedes Banya, a sauna-and-steam joint at the city's southern reaches. One feature that might give you pause: there's a lot — like A LOT — of nakedness.

How to deal? We asked a seasoned vet.

Truth: It can be hard to know when to wear the towel. When not to wear the towel. At one point to remove the towel, and exactly what to do with it once it's off.

So we asked someone who knows how to do it. Banya's manager, Jessica Waters, spelled it out for us.

InsideHook: Let's begin at the beginning. How do I know when and where I should be dressed? I understand that I start in the locker room, where I can change into a robe or a towel...

Jessica Waters: Archimedes Banya is a co-ed, clothing-optional bath house. Before 9 p.m., the banya has two sides: One side is clothing required and the other is clothing optional. There is a hallway that separates the two sections with a sign indicating you are now entering "The clothing required section" and so on. Mistakes happen, so the banya staff is here to guide you as well.

IH: Should I bring my own towel?

JW: It's not necessary but sometimes helpful on busier days such as Sunday, when you could possibly be let in early if you brought your own towel. Banya does provide all the necessary items needed for using our facilities, including towels.

IH: Do people bring dates, or is that weird?

JW: People definitely bring dates. I've been trying to get our space put on a date site spot for a while now. Banya is a great place to try and connect with a new person. Also, if you love Banya, you'll probably want your date to also, or you may not be very fond of them anyways.  

IH: Are some nights more social than others?

JW: Night times are the busiest times at Archimedes. The weekends all day are steady busy.

IH: What if you just don't want to be naked? Is that OK?

JW: It's totally fine to come a few times and get in your comfort zone before you get naked. It's also not required.

IH: Do people ever go with their office-mates?

JW: Sure do! We have car sales teams, tech start-ups, cater companies and more that bring the whole staff to banya. It's a great way to let loose and drop some of the material load of life we are all so weighed down with. Seeing people naked is a great way to connect and bond. I highly recommend it!

The Specifics

Archimedes Banya

748 Innes Ave.
Bayview, SF

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