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TRNK NYC: Church up your home, fellas

  • 22 January 2014

When it comes to style, men tend to focus on suits and brogues. Not lowboys and serving trays.

But that comes at a price: show me a nattily dressed man, I’ll show you a dude who’s still entertaining on futons — and not the Asian vintage kind.

The crib needs love too, fellas. And love it shall get, via TRNK NYC, an online concern helping you kit out your pad with the help of card-carrying tastemakers, just launched today.

Part magazine, part marketplace, TRNK profiles dude aesthetes who live in the homes catalogues are made from.

Like former J. Crew-er Sean Hotchkiss’s Alphabet City mid-century oasis, or North Face designer Brett Roddis’s SF menagerie of taxidermied insects and bats.

TRNK curates a selection of homewares from around the 'net inspired by their stories, from vintage eBay finds to handcrafted goods from Etsy. You buy said wares.

So if you see a domicile style (domistyle?) you dig, you can grab a vintage Stones album or minimalist sofa to achieve a like-minded look. TRNK has myriad finds, from taxidermy coat hooks to Turkish military trunks — i.e., something for everybody.

Everybody with taste, anyway.

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