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God Save the Jean

Simple, comfy denim from Mott & Bow

  • 07 March 2014

You can buy hand-loomed selvedge denim.

You can buy the most expensive pair of indigo jeans.

But if they don’t fit, you’ll merely be an uncomfortable sap in expensive pants.

Alleviating both fit and financial burden: Mott & Bow, a just-launched NYC denim firm that sends you two pairs so you can double-check the fit.

The proposition’s simple: buy a pair of jeans from M&B and they’ll send you two sizes. Keep the pair that cuts a mean figure and drop the other back in the mail (shipping’s free both ways).

Three fits, two styles per, each named for an NYC street. All different, because variety is the spice of pants.

Before you look askance at another mail-order fashion “disruptor,” take note: M&B’s founders come from a denim family 30 years in the biz, so they know the tricksy alchemy that goes into making an affordable pair of dungarees that look and feel worn without overdoing it.

Evidence: their “Denim Science” section. It’s dedicated to edifying you on the meticulous techniques used to replicate wear-and-tear it would otherwise take many stiff-legged moons to achieve.

So go ahead, make yourself comfortable.

The Specifics

Mott & Bow

$96 per pair
(800) 264-0986

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