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Mind the Chap reveals up-and-coming brands

  • 13 November 2012

Many a successful business has been built on the foundation of a pun. Surely, you’ve enjoyed the port-a-potties from Call-A-Head? The fishing prowess of Master Bait & Tackle? The chimney-sweeping charms of Ashwipe?

Now getting in on the pun: Mind the Chap, a just-launched, amazingly curated e-store slinging the best underground brands before they hit the big time, taking orders right now.

mind the chap 2

MTC’s founded and curated by hitters from GAP, Barney’s and Calvin Klein – in short, fashion heads who get paid to know the trends and spot emerging talent.

And here, the focus is on easy, casual gear from around the globe. Leather-elbowed shawl cardigans from NYC’s Premium Lounge. Ivy League-inspired car coats from the UK’s Cro’Jack. Artfully washed selvedge denim from !iTEM, which is led by the former design director at Levi’s.

mind the chap 3

Also: rugged accessories like saddle-stitched leather bags, wood grain iPhone cases, and herringbone wool newsie caps.

Each piece in the store comes with a quick brand overview, tips on how to wear it, and what to wear it with.

And soon, MTC will offer a range of lifestyle and home products, from surfboards, to handmade furniture, to leather boxing gloves.

For when all you need is glove.

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