Meet the Men of Etsy

Rugged goods and menswear in the most unlikely of places

By The Editors
November 28, 2015 9:00 am

Fact: every enterprise — from Airbnb to your local b&b, lemonade stands to Lululemon — began as an idea.

But without customers, every idea remains just that: an idea.

Which is why once a year, wedged in between the two-headed corporate dragon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, America celebrates the little guy.

Happy Small Business Saturday. It matters.

To celebrate, we’re shining a little light on the Men of Etsy. Hidden among all the macramé and cat sweaters, you’ll find everything from natty leather goods to handsome lighting fixtures to hardboiled Americana artworks. Enjoy some of their good lookin’ works below.

And on behalf of InsideHook, which started as a half-baked idea in in a room in New York some four short years ago, thank you for your support.

Freddie Matara Custom Leather

Rock ‘n’ roll-inspired belts, guitar straps and leather goods from a Youtube-taught NYC leathersmith.

BennyBee Leather

Handmade bags, totes, briefs and duffels in all shapes and sizes out of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Marquee-style lightboxes: not just for dilapidated theaters and gentleman’s clubs anymore. Choose from the UK maker’s collection or have him custom-make a word or phrase of your choosing.

Kai Samuels-Davis

The Cali-based oil painter peddles impressionistic still lifes and portraits with a haunting, nightmares-by-Manet quality about them.


Creative, modern lighting solutions, from floor lamps to wall fixtures to hanging pendants.


Nautical ironworks and pottery that’ll look at home in any man’s study or home office.

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