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Tailor Swift

Your weekend bag, now with a tailored suit

  • 23 January 2013

Pro tip: the next time an airline rep asks if anybody else packed your bags, tell them yes.

And then say his name is Martin Greenfield.

Introducing The Traveller, a pre-packed wardrobe satchel by legendary suitmaker Greenfield and bagmaker Ghurka, available now. 

Greenfield is basically the Godfather of American suitmaking.

He’s fitted presidents from Kennedy to Obama, and crafts the suits for shows like "Boardwalk Empire."

Ghurka, meanwhile, is the ruggedly handsome bag line named for the legendary British-Himalayan fighting force. Their weekender bags are as appropriate for the Serengeti as they are the Plaza (where, by the way, their flagship store resides). 

And so The Traveller has everything you need for a three-day business trip, save a dopp kit and a bottle of scotch. Contained within:

  • One made-to-measure Greenfield suit, crafted from Loro Piana’s Traveller series wool – a weave developed specifically to resist wrinkles and come out of the bag ready-to-wear
  • Two additional trousers
  • Three custom-handmade dress shirts
  • Three custom ties
  • One pair of dapper leather dress shoes from Allen Edmonds, with matching belt

And at your private fitting, Greenfield’s team will ensure that the various pieces can be combined any which way – making it idiot-proof even if you’re severely jet-lagged (or a couple scotches deep).

Just make sure it all gets back in the bag.

The Specifics

Ghurka Traveller by Martin Greenfield Heritage

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