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Acustom: your new warm (so warm) winter overcoat

  • 07 January 2014

There are warm coats made for morning commutes.

And there are warm coats made for complementing a natty three-piece when an important client or hot date requires it.

This regards the latter.

Acquaint yourself with the newly-opened Acustom Apparel showroom in SoHo, where they’re tricking out custom topcoats for your cold-weary frame.

In addition to the standard tailor tape, you’ll do a 3D body scan (in your skivvies).

Winter paunch thusly appraised, you can choose between traditional peacoat or single/double-breasted overcoat. Each is available in three lengths – suit jacket, just below the knee or full trench.

A wintry wealth of colors and patterns are on offer, all in a wool/cashmere blend that’s lightweight, warm and thoroughly strokable (You want to be strokable, right?).

And no need to be concerned about breaking the bank: a custom job at Acustom goes for about the same price as plenty of the off-the-rack numbers.

Live a little. And get the houndstooth.

Nota bene: mention InsideHook and you'll get a free tie with any custom clothing purchase through the end of January. Stay dapper.

The Specifics

Acustom Apparel

From $679
330 W. Broadway
b/t Grand and Canal
(212) 219-8620

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