This 19-Foot 4K Television Costs More Than an Apartment

But have you ever seen a melon-sized bead of sweat in HD?

By Kirk Miller

C Seed 262
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15 June 2017

“I don’t even own a TV. I watch everything on my phone.”

This article is not for you.

Just announced, the C Seed 262 is a 4K behemoth. Check out these stats: 262-inch diagonal length, 19-foot-wide LED screen, 1763 pounds, 10 integrated speakers, 4096 x 1716 pixel resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio. And featuring a built-in 4K media server and a motorized fabric cover to hide the screen when you’re not using it (why would you hide this?!?).

C Seed 262 (3 images)

And the biggest number of all: a cost of $539,000 (plus $38K more to install).

C Seed, based in Austria, was previously best known for a 201-inch outdoor LED TV (a collab with Porsche Design) that rose out of the ground at the push of a button.

The 262 is available now. Be sure to invite us over when you get one. 

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