This House Came in a Box, and It Cost Less Than $50k

Tiny homes don't always mean tiny prices — but this one does.

By Diane Rommel

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04 October 2016

Prefab houses can go wrong in all sorts of ways. 

Sometimes tiny is just too tiny. Sometimes you just don't want to live in a metal box. And sometimes, in Goldilocks-ian fashion, they get it juuust right. 

Such is the case of the DublDom, a new prefab house from Russian firm BIO Architects.

It's prefab but not tiny: in fact, it's over 600 square feet, with two bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and dining area, a living room and a terrace. And there's no foundation required: the house sits on stilts, which allows for fast construction on site. After a month of off-site fabrication, building the house on-site takes just a week. 

Best of all: the glass-and-wood interiors are striking and modern, and made to enhance a sense of seamless living between indoors and out. The model home, pictured below, was installed in the countryside about 80 miles south of Russia. It's a lot of ingenuity at a good price: $42,000.

Do you really need something more? 

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