Outlier's 'End of Worlds' Jeans Are Damn Near Indestructible

Go ahead, fall off your motorcycle. They won't rip.

By Evan Bleier

Outlier's 'End of Worlds' Jeans Are Damn Near Indestructible
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22 June 2017

There will be plenty of things to worry about when the apocalypse finally rears its ugly head.

Your pants, Mr. Rockatansky, should not be one of them.

Designed for dystopia, Outlier's new "End of Worlds" jeans are made from a blend of 37% cotton, 9% nylon, 2% elastane and 52% Dyneema, the last of which is said to be the world's strongest fiber. (Acquire points out that it can withstand “a four-second skid at 62 mph.”)

Originally made to serve as motorcycle racing armor, the experimental fabric has properties that make it act more like metal than cloth, which means it remains cool to the touch in most climates.

Outlier Jeans (3 images)

“Add it all together and you get something wild," Outlier says. “A fabric that looks like a traditional denim but is nearly indestructible and feels like an alien spacesuit when you put it on. A pant you can enjoy until the end of time, maybe."

Woven in Italy and made in New York City, the jeans are expected on June 22nd and cost $450.

Save room in your bomb shelter. 

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