Of Course You Want to Watch the Northern Lights From a Glass Igloo

North of the Arctic Circle — heaven

By Evan Bleier

Of Course You Want to Watch the Northern Lights From a Glass Igloo
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17 October 2017

Located up near the Arctic Circle in parts of Sweden and Finland, Lapland is home to attractions like the Northern Lights, Santa’s hometown and ice-covered F1 tracks you can actually drive on.

Also, and this makes a snowplow-load of sense given the climate, igloos.

Created by a foreigner who visited the province’s Finnish side and wanted to share what he saw with the rest of the world, Levin Iglut Golden Crown is a family-owned business that gives guests the chance to take in Lapland’s scenic landscape from the comforts of a glass-ceilinged igloo.

A venue that started out with four igloos, Levin Iglut now has 24 luxury-level igloos boasting high-end amenities like non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a kitchen, wifi and adjustable motorized beds for ultra-comfortable Northern Lights watching.

Igloo (6 images)

Although many guests choose to remain in their igloos, Levin Iglut also offers on-site dining at Aurora Sky, an 80-seat restaurant serving local favorites and traditional Scandinavian fare — including reindeer. (Don’t mention it to Santa.)

Available for year-round bookings so midnight sun fans have the option to get their 24-hour light fix as well, a night in one of the igloos starts around $470.

Consider asking jolly old St. Nick for a reservation. 

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