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Mad Men and Gjelina get their wares at SHOPCLASS

  • 19 June 2013

If you’ve learned one thing from the recent riot of period TV pot-boilers, it’s that everyone loves barechested swordplay and tumescent popes.

But if you’ve learned another thing, it’s this: a man’s charm is inestimably improved by excellent set design.

So for your own home set-design needs, point that Prius in the direction of SHOPCLASS, open now.


A tightly packed treasure trove of mid-century modern habiliments, SHOPCLASS is the staging ground for part-owner and renowned antique importer Ellen LeComte, who provides set pieces to restaurants (Gjelina) and television shows (Mad Men).

Her partners in arms are designer Sally Breer and junkyard picker Jeff Garbs. Together, the trio scour the Cali countryside for buried treasure. And they're damn good at it.

The highlights: a teak drop-front bar from the ‘50s, a leather-and-teak lounge chair and a globe bar.

In other words: come for the bars, but stay for the tips.

The Specifics


5215 York Blvd
b/t Ave 52 and 53
(323) 258-2500

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