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OTIS shades, now available in the States

  • 07 March 2014

Australia: they have the best surf.

They have the best sun.

Consequently, they also have some of the best sunnies. And — with the exception of some dutiful eBaying — you’ve never been able to buy them stateside until now.

The sun-specs in question: OTIS, sturdy, fashionable frames from Down Under, available online today.

OTIS are covet-worthy for three very good reasons:

1. They rock boxy, bold cuts.

2. They’re made from premium Italian acetate that doesn’t fade in the sunlight.

3. They have astonishingly clear lenses made from mineral glass, a scratch-resistant hybrid that’s half the weight and twice the strength of standard reflective fare.

These silver-laced lenses offer full UV protection, and they’re available polarized — so you'll be cutting glare as stylishly as spokesdude Asher Pacey cuts the gnarly stuff.

Get some.

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