Lady Friend Gifting Made Damn Easy with the Help of Local Ladies

They own the shops and have killer advice

December 12, 2017 9:00 am

Giving the perfect gift to your ladyfriend is no easy task.

Nothing worthwhile is.

So we did the yeoman’s work for you; we interviewed the women who run L.A.’s best shops.

All that you need to do? Read their comments. You’ll quickly surmise which is the right gift (or gifts) for her.

These ladies even gave us tips on the best way to gift the item so you’ll look like a champ.

lunya (2 images)

For the bedroom: Lunya
Santa Monica

About the Store: Most women will tell you that silk makes for the best underwear, especially to sleep in. But silk is a huge pain in the butt to clean. Lunya somehow figured out how to make washable silk, and make it well.

About the Lady: Ashley Merrill is the founder of Lunya.

Sam: “We highly recommend The Washable Silk Set … aka the best present you’ll ever give her. It’s flattering on all women, easy care, and will regulate her temperature, giving her the the best night of sleep ever. Basically, you’ll look thoughtful AND sensitive with this gift.”

Her gifting advice: “Hot tip: We offer gift wrapping, so you can avoid that whole scene. Put your efforts into a card, buy one or make it (bonus points) and don’t forget to add something you love about her in there. It’s the little things that count.”

For the home: A+R

About the Store: A+R is a design lover’s playland. They stock everything from interesting rose gold jewelry to furniture to knives and knickknacks.

About the Lady: Rose Apodaca is one of the kindest shop owners in town, and she knows her merchandise like a greenskeeper knows grass.

Rose: “Well, I’m mad crazy for the new Flyte Levitating Bulb. It’s like nothing else. A bit of an art piece meets technological innovation by a Swedish inventor who also managed to pull off his idea elegantly and with sustainability in mind. It’s even packaged beautifully, making it a perfect gift.”

Her gifting advice: “Obviously, with a gift that both involves a bulb and the ‘magic’ of electromagnetic floating, a guy can (and better) get poetic with the message. I always keep the handwritten notes that accompany the gift — which may or may not outlive the relationship! A note, even a simple ‘I love you’ written on a slip of paper, is a must.”

tappan (3 images)

For the mind and soul: Tappan

About the Store: Tappan finds talented young artists and gives them a chance to show in a gallery.

About the Lady: Chelsea Nassib was recently named among Forbes 30 under 30 for her business.

Chelsea: “I would definitely recommend a small original work on paper that reminds you of her (options 1, 2, 3 ). Smaller pieces can really go anywhere in the house and an original because the piece should be as special as she is!”

Her gifting advice: “Always have artwork framed! No matter how much she loves it, if you don’t, it will probably never make it onto the wall. I also suggest including a note about why you chose the piece for her, if it reminded you of a moment together, a trip or characteristic you love about her. The reasons behind the gift are always more meaningful and insightful than the gift alone.”

Gabriela Artigas (2 images)

For the Glimmer: Gabriela Artigas
Hancock Park

About the Store: Gabriela Artigas designs jewelry that’s architectural, simple and approachable, the sort of fine work that a woman can wear on the daily. It’s made in L.A.

About the Ladies: Gabriela designs the pieces, and her sister Teresita runs the business side. They’re the daughters of renowned Mexico City architect Francisco Artigas.

Gabriela: “My favorite piece at the moment and the piece that I think is super dope is the Lunula Earring. It has a futuristic look to it yet it is still very delicate. It is super versatile and can be worn in two different ways. When you wear it down, you get a very classic vibe, and when you wear it up (hugging your ear), you get an edgy feel.”

Teresita: “The Reloaded Infinite Tusk Ear Cuff with Pave is another one of my favorites. I love how it elegantly hugs the the ear. It also looks like a real piercing. The Pave diamonds give the Ear Cuff glance with an edge.”

Their gifting advice: “I think it is always a nice touch for a partner to wrap the gift for their loved one. Adding a handwritten note to the gift expressing why they picked the gift goes a long way. My personal favorite type of wrapping is simple. A simple paper and ribbon with an added holiday themed  leaf or sprig gives the package a nice touch.”

janessa leone (2 images)

For the Head: Janessa Leone
Culver City

About the Store: Janessa Leone has a chic bohemian quality that resonates with L.A. ladies. Their wool, Panamanian straw and Spanish leather are all sourced cruelty-free. Each item is handmade to last, and the classic minimalist design will ensure the look will, too.

About the Lady: Janessa is a local designer, and her brand launched in 2013.

Janessa: “We’ve launched a structured beret for the winter available in three colorways and made from sustainable, virgin wool; they can be worn in multiple directions to style it differently — so it is a pretty solid gift. Our silk scarves are chic and versatile. Your girl can wear them with her hat, tied on a handbag or worn around her neck.”

Her gifting advice: “WITH A RING … Or spend time to thoughtfully wrap a gift and include a heartfelt note. Pay attention to the color scheme of the current gifts she’s wrapped and try to wrap with a theme that she clearly likes, but don’t just use the wrapping paper she’s already prepared; it’s the thought and effort that matters so don’t be lazy. Your wrapping technique doesn’t have to be professional, if it’s clear that you tried and spent the time to make it look nice, she will appreciate it.”

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