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Focused Space: The storage-savvy rucksack

  • 16 December 2013

Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

That's what a man used to carry.

Now it's keys, cords, tablet and phone — a saying which lacks poetry, deprecates gonads by omission and dolefully reminds us how much crap we lug on the daily.

So let's get acquainted with Focused Space.

Stitched in canvas and leather, Focused Space's rugged rucks come embroidered in Americana motifs, like 1950s Western, Navajo patterns, San Francisco anchors and MoMa friendly Pantones.

Yet all have the modern upgrades we love, like fleece-lined pockets and memory foam straps.

Our favorites:

The Departure

A classic, squarish backpack for casual wears.

The Slimline

Ribbed for protection, plus a velcro flap for easy access.

The Incubator

For the longer trips: it has more room, a structured body and a reinforced base.  

And seeing as Focused Space is helmed by the folks who design accessories for Puma and Skullcandy, there are some dandy leather and canvas device holders.

Because you’ve got to keep your stuff protected.

Much like your spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

Nota bene: All packs are available online or at Fred Segal and American Rag.

The Specifics

Focused Space

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Fred Segal and American Rag

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