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  • Naja

    Before You Begin...

    Hat tip to Catalina Girald, founder, M by Naja

    Pay attention to what she already wears.

    Red and pink: hard to wear under most clothing.

    The racier the piece, the nicer your gift box should be.

    Check her undies for sizing.

    Tangerine equals A cup. Apple equals B cup. Melon equals melons, etc.

    If you want her to wear it often, get cotton.

    If you haven't seen her in lace, stay away from lace.  

    If you haven't seen her in a thong, stay away from thongs.  

    If you're thinking about crotchless, don't.

  • Sugar Pants

    for the geek

    Sugar Pants

    An LA-based brand from a former Mattel toy designer, SugarPants are designed for the girl who'd rather wink at lingerie than wear the traditional lacy stuff. Great for geeks. We're told they're quite comfy, too.

  • InsideHook Lingerie Guide - Negative

    for the Minimalist

    Negative Underwear

    Negative Underwear: sexy and form-flattering but also super comfy, these are the pieces that may knock her regular weekday undies out of the lineup.

  • for the boho

    Noe Undergarments

    Inspired by pinups of yore (read: high waists; rompers) but featuring modern flourishes (playful colorways; sheer in all the right places), NOE stitches undies for the girl who drinks whiskey and prefers vintage concert tees to evening gowns.

  • for the exhibitionist

    Yasmine Eslami

    Yasmine Eslami: elegant and sheer, low-cut and fancy simple. Just the right balance to whet the appetite.

  • Myla

    for the model


    A versatile brand that tends toward decadent cuts (see their three-piece corsets), Myla features some daringly cut bras, silk cinchers and an abundance of straps. Lots of straps.

  • for the Francophile

    Fleur Du Mal

    With a name and a sensibility that are both decidedly au français, Fleur du Mal peddles lacy brassieres, stylish rompers and nighties whose opacity lies just this side of "tinted window."

  • La Perla

    for the starlet

    La Perla

    Italy's La Perla: lots of lace, lots of macramé and lots of fancy see-through parts. Because it doesn't get much better than her lounging around in see-through parts.

  • for the aesthete

    I.D. Sarrieri

    Hailing from Bucharest, I.D. Sarrieri's collections are laced with an Eastern European elegance suited perfectly to that cold night with nothing to do but ... read.

  • for the femme fatale

    Kiki De Montparnasse

    KdM makes lingerie best worn with heels. As in: she put it on with intentions. Probably sinister ones. Exercise vigilance — forecast calls for light bondage with a chance of roleplay.

  • for the socialite


    Lucile: delicate silk lace punctuated with dainty bows and rich colors make this the line for little-miss-can't-be-wrongs everywhere.

  • for the Victorian

    Sin and Satin

    Sin and Satin trades in one gloriously buxom garment: the corset. Each piece is fully bespoke and available with a mèlange of cuts (all fall under one of two categories: over- or underbust) and add-ons (beading, printing, custom appliqué work).

  • for the pinup

    Agent Provocateur

    Agent Provocateur makes lingerie that's playful without being cheap, and retro without falling into costume territory. 

  • Your Shopping List

    Courtesy our friends at Journelle

    All InsideHook members receive 15% off of orders $150 or more by using the code INSIDEHOOKVDAY

    1. Fleur of England Amour Boudoir Bra

    2. La Perla El Color Rojo Balconette Bra Rubino

    3. Stella McCartney Faye Flirting Contuor Bra

    4. La Perla Sparkling Jasmine Balconette Bra

  • Your Shopping List, Pt. Deux

    From our friends at Journelle

    All InsideHook members receive 15% off of orders $150 or more by using the code INSIDEHOOKVDAY

    1. Fleur of England Amour Silk Babydoll

    2. La Perla El Color Rojo Slip

    3. Stella McCartney Faye Flirting Slip Dress