Winston Is a Plug-and-Play Box That Makes Your Devices Private Again

It’s funding on Kickstarter up to 66 percent off the retail price

Winston Online Privacy Device Kickstarter
Back Winston, a user-friendly online privacy device, on Kickstarter until June 30th.

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These days, keeping your web activity private and your connected devices secure is akin to taking on a part-time job. 

Experts keep offering up new solutions: “Use a VPN, use an encrypted partition, do Ghostery, do this, do that.” That’s how Richard Stokes put the predicament to Fast Company. He’s the CEO behind Winston, a new plug-n-play device that’s looking to do away with your various privacy services and subscriptions.

The setup is simple, it takes about a minute and all you have to do is install the Winston box between your modem and router. The technology, however, is anything but. As the cheeky video below explains, the hardware device and accompanying software protect all the devices in your home network (from smartphones to smart TVs) by anonymizing your activity, blocking tracking and malware sites, preventing camera hacking and much more.

The only downside we can see before actually using the device ourselves is that Winston currently only works when plugged in between a separate modem and router. Some of you may have a two-in-one device, and in that case you’re out of luck.

If you do have a separate modem and router, then go ahead and back Winston on Kickstarter until June 30th. The delivery date is set for October 2019 and the pledge levels will give you up to 66% off the proposed retail price.

Yes, Winston does require software subscription fees like other privacy companies, but if you back them on the crowdfunding site, you have the option of receiving a lifetime subscription.

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