Take $100 Off the Sonos Playbar, Jazz Up Your Living Room

Among many deals on Sonos speakers in this big sale

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Save the hot takes: Sonos speakers are legit.

Set up two or three of those speakers just about anywhere, and they won’t need any help on acoustics. They can make a dentist’s waiting room sound like Carnegie Hall. 

But with great quality, comes great … expense. Which is why we’re pumped to find an array of Sonos speakers and soundbars discounted this week at World Wide Stereo

playbar (2 images)

One of the best deals the site has to offer is on the Sonos PLAYBAR, a wireless streaming soundbar that’ll stream music straight from your device or hook up to your TV. Your other Bluetooth speakers will immediately sound tinny (unfortunate byproduct of being a proud Sonos owner) and your TV will sound like an IMAX theater, an important upgrade as a generation of thinner, tighter televisions often skims on aural potency. Oh and it’s $100 off, which doesn’t happen very often. 


There’s many more deals to be had, though. If you’re looking to wade into Sonos waters without spending too much, we recommend giving the standard Two Room Set a try. And if you’re just intent on sourcing all the fixings, look into the 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound Set (now $300 off). 


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